Going Mobile

Mobile Consulting Services Can Help Your Business And Customer Base Grow

Bringing your business into the mobile realm is an excellent way to reach a wider audience and grow. As beneficial as it can be, determining how and where to start isn’t quite as clear. Do you need an application? And how should that app work? Is it a digital storefront, or is your business focus elsewhere? It might seem like a lot to work, but with the assistance of mobile consulting services you can map exactly where your time and money should best be spent to the benefit of you and your business.

Consider the following solutions to help meet your company’s mobile needs:

Mobile App Development

Mobile consulting services can develop a mobile app to meet your client and business needs. Having an app in the phone of your customer keeps your business top-of-mind and within easy reach 24/7. Whether you want to provide mobile shopping or an app to assist your clients, mobile consultants can help. Mobile apps can be used on most devices, such as Android, Blackberry, iPhone (iOS), and Windows Mobile. Here is a short video describing ShipTrack, an app for couriers and retail logistics delivery firms:


Video: ShipTrack Logistics Platform


Monetizing your app can have an immediate effect on sales or services delivered. Consider providing tiered services via an app; a basic, bare-bones version can be offered for free, while a premium iteration can be made available for a price. Alternatively, further functionality can be provided on an as-needed basis, with optional modules available to users to further customize their app experience. Advertisements are another option when it comes to monetizing mobile apps, but try to use them sparingly.

Mobile Incentives

New incentives for customers are a great way to maintain and improve your customer base. By adding great content and features to your mobile app, along with great incentives, you are sure to have customers coming back. Sales, promotions, contests, or customer loyalty systems can be pushed directly to application users. Updating incentives monthly or weekly—such as giving the option for customers to download new weekly coupons—will improve customer retention, keeping customers satisfied and sales up.

Mobile apps, shopping, and communication are the ways of today. Keep your business up to date by going mobile.  You will reach more customers, but your current customers will be glad that you did. For more information on mobile business solutions, consider mobile consulting services to give your business that marketing edge.