JUMP Starting Your Business

The Right Mobile Technology Can Help you in More Ways than One

Enterprise mobility solutions are now easier to use, faster to deploy, and packed with the latest innovations in technology.  They are which are also easier on the pocketbook!

Our latest offer provides financing for complete mobile device management solutions, with the introduction of the JUMP program. This new, all-encompassing service provides:

  • consultation
  • hardware
  • software application
  • implementation
  • ongoing support
  • maintenance with our world-class Mobile Service Desk

In selecting the most suitable mobile device management solutions service, the JUMP program helps companies leverage productivity on the go, with increased optimization, resource management, and revenue assurance.

Mobile is table stakes

Mobile technology has become the environment in which more and more business is conducted. As technology develops and becomes more accessible, it has increased the standards for productivity in the marketplace. This global change has made it harder for companies to gain a competitive advantage through traditional communication tools. In order to stay ahead of the curve and compete, it’s vital that companies incorporate mobile device management solutions. Ones that combine the power of mobility, with corporate data security, all the while maintaining exceptional user experience. It really can be that easy to JUMP start your business practices into the 21st century.

In fact,  research that supports the link between being a best-in-class field service providers and the use of mobile technology solutions that improve processing time. They are all successful due to their tenacity in adopting mobile technology to boost productivity and decrease service time. According to studies conducted over several years by the Aberdeen Group, companies that were steadfast to incorporate mobile device management solutions, on average benefited most.

Mobile device benefits

  • Experiencing a 21 per cent year-on-year revenue growth
  • A 2 per cent decrease in service and support costs
  • An 18 to 85 per cent improvement in workforce utilization
  • And a whopping 92 per cent customer retention

So what makes the JUMP program so appealing to new and evolving companies?

With JUMP you are not only equipped with the latest technology in hardware and software, you’re also provided with mobile device management solutions as a service. That means we will help revolutionize your business process by offering integrated hardware and software that meets your specific need.

Our goal with introducing this project is to establish long-lasting relationships with our clients based on results, shared success and a commitment to quality. That’s why we are dedicated to making investments in quality products and services to support you now and in the future.