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RFID’s Information Storage Capacity A Key Advantage For Retailers

RFID technology enables you to utilize Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology to identify labeled or tagged objects wirelessly for automated data capture applications. RFID Tracking readers come in many varieties and sizes. Retail stores rely on the efficiency, predictability and accuracy of hand-held or stationary RFID asset tracking devices.

Modern stores employ scanners to read tags.  From grocery stores to department or electronic equipment stores, RFID tags provide a plethora of information. Information  about inventory, store data for your future use, eliminate inventory loss and deliver accurate prices for the consumer. You will know how many size smalls are left in the hot-selling jeans and the frequency of their sales. As a business owner, you are empowered with this data for your decision-making. Up- to-date store inventory information is beneficial both to the consumer and the retailer. Eliminating human error and being more efficient than an employee’s counting and manual input of data, RFID scanners are a must for small, medium or large stores.  As a retail owner, the efficiently and predictability of your RFID tracking reader is invaluable. There are a multitude of upgrades and solutions available today.

Here are 3 reasons to upgrade your RFID scanner:

Optimized distance and range

RFID scanners have a range of 5-30 feet. Depending on the size of your store and inventory, considering a more upgraded range can serve your needs. A better range can reduce the amount of time and labor it takes to scan inventory, as well as provide more accurate information.

Take inventory more often

By switching to handheld RFID tracking readers, you can scan the store inventory and always have up-to-date information. With an accuracy of over 99%, you will know that the right products are on the shelf at the right time.

To read multiple tags at a time

RFID reader technology is rapidly improving. Newer scanners that read multiple tags more efficiently will minimize your labour costs and optimize the accuracy of data. Ultimately, this knowledge will have a tremendous impact on your sales.

RFID Reader - Alien ALR-9650-WR1

The Alien ALR-9650-WR1 is a simple low profile RFID Reader solution from PiiComm.

RFID-Reader - Alien ALH-900x (ALH-9001-EMA)

The Alien ALH-900x is a high-tech portable RFID Reader from PiiComm.


Most retail owners are surprised to learn how the information in their RFID tracking reader improves their bottom line. Employees operate scanners with ease, leaving retail owners comfortable and confident with inventory data captured. Here are 5 more reasons to use a RFID System.

When improving efficiency, sales and cutting labour costs of your retail business, be sure that you are using the best technology.  Reputable IT retailers specializing in RFID asset tracking solutions offer free consultations. Learning about the diverse devices offered and their capabilities will save you time and money in both the short and long run.

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