Mail Tracking and its Role in Government

Track-and-Trace Solutions Can Streamline Government Procurement in a Big Way

Having accurate and up-to-date information is one of the keys to the effective operation of government at virtually all levels. Even relatively small state or local agencies have complex operations, and anything to simplify or at least better manage that complexity is valuable.

One of the most important functions of government, regardless of the size of the agency, is procurement. Government agencies need various items in order to function. Even the smallest government operations are certain to need office supplies and they need to purchase those items. Now imagine how much procurement  by large federal agencies such as the U.S. military or the Social Security Administration.


It’s estimated that the total value of government purchasing at all levels is  $7 trillion per year. Any increases in efficiency can have a major impact on the overall cost of procurement. With the right track and trace technologies, these improvements can happen in a number of different ways.

For example, many procurement operations are time sensitive.  This means it’s important that the procuring agency know exactly where each of the items they’re purchasing is in the shipping process. Mail tracking apps provide transparency into that process, so that the procuring agency can make plans if any of their items are delayed.

Furthermore, as you might imagine, the size of government (and the amount of money that government agencies and departments spend in the course of their operations) is the subject of much debate. Mail tracking solutions provide an additional level of oversight. Every level of government has to answer to someone.  Having the records to justify and explain their procurement process can be a significant asset.

Many government agencies negotiate terms for procurement whereby they pay vendors based on the delivery date. Mail tracking apps and technologies provide an electronic “paper trail” that ensures compliance with contractual terms.

For larger procurement responsibilities, there are sometimes multiple contingencies as part of the project. For example, where parts and components are being sourced from a large number of different vendors, not all such parts and components will be ordered at one time. Rather, some items are contingent upon receipt of other items, and it’s desirable to ship those contingent products later in the overall project lifecycle. Track-and-trace technology allows this to happen in the most effective and efficient way.

Example Of A Delivery Services App

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