Managing BYOD With Mobility Services

Managed mobility services can help streamline business through the implementation of BYOD programs.

Understand What Managed Mobility Services Can Do For Your Business

Keeping up with annual iterations of new phones, devices, and computers has resulted in undue strain on IT departments.  In addition increasing numbers of company employees want to use their own devices for work purposes. A common solution to this is the implementation of BYOD initiatives – bring your own device. This  lessens the burden on an IT department, though not entirely. That’s where managed mobility services come in.

How it Works

Managed mobility services allow an organization to improve the productivity of its workers by simplifying and streamlining multiple device platforms. This increases the productivity of workers by allowing them access to devices they’re already  comfortable with, but it significantly eases the strain placed on IT departments.  This is accomplished by providing a comprehensive, all-in-one solution to the challenges they face.

App-based Delivery

Managed mobility services (MMS) focus on enabling communications between workers and their PC-bound resources, such as databases, business email, etc.  MMS gets this communication flowing through specialized mobile apps and solutions. Relying on readymade or tailor-made applications ensures quick and efficient communication.

Increasing Productivity

Allowing workers to access company resources through their own device eliminates the need for training and set-up on a device they may be unfamiliar. This has the added bonus of improving work productivity, a clear boon from a management perspective.

IT Self-sufficiency

Instead of forcing an IT department to play catch-up with new devices, MMS greatly decreases their strain and allows them to focus on managing a set of applications. Cost-cutting on hardware is also a bonus, allowing an IT department to focus on the security of their new applications and systems.

Tailored to Your Company

A managed mobility service provider will provide you with a detailed plan and solution focused around your needs. Whether through implementing custom software or unique integrations, an MMS provider will ensure that you can find a solution.  MMS is inherently flexible and adaptable.

Growth Field

Managed mobility services are part of an explosive growth market around the BYOD sector, with some estimates placing that growth at an annual 33.6 per cent increase as the sector grows. This trend is driven by organizations seeking real-time access for their workers with installation throughout the entirety of the organization.

By no means comprehensive, this overview of MMS provides the scope and scale a provider can deliver for its clients. Managed mobility services will, in large part, help define the BYOD sector and related trends for years to come.

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