MMS to Manage Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

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Understanding the Role of Managed Mobility Services

One of the most important aspects of running a successful business lies in managing your bottom line. Deploying mobile technologies  provides many benefits that can ultimately improve your bottom line by speeding up workflows and automating processes.


Mobility encompasses a wide range of devices, networks, and applications. Integrating them into a mobility management strategy is necessary to reduce a business’ Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Despite software, devices, and applications offering a ton of benefits, they still require maintenance, support, and frequent updates. By constantly analyzing every aspect of your mobile strategy you can accurately identify patterns and inefficiencies in resource expenditures.

A mobility services provider will ensure that the market research is done to find the technology with the most value.  It also means that the devices use barcode or RFID tracking.


Mapping your devices means increased visibility. This insight provides your company with an in-depth Total Cost of Ownership for your devices by identifying gaps in productivity. This includes generating metrics for your business which show which devices are breaking the most frequently. It will also identify what the most common issues are, and at which location the issues are arising. If employees are being hard on devices it will be evident and you can nab inefficiencies at the source resulting in bottom line growth.

Aside from identifying current issues and calculating your current TCO,  MMS providers can use your fleet’s metrics to help forecast forthcoming costs including planning for end of life.  Additionally MMS can negate the risk of downtime by implementing an appropriate number of field-ready spare assets to ensure speedy redeployment in the event of a damaged device.

The visibility issued by an MMS provider increases productivity by taking direct as well as preventative actions. This gives companies a serious advantage by enhancing their financial insight into acquiring, deploying, supporting and decommissioning mobile infrastructures.

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