Mobile Device Management for Healthcare

mobile device management healthcare

The Importance of Optimizing Your Mobile Devices in the Healthcare Industry

During the past few years, the trend of technology in the workplace has been on a steady incline. With so many BYOD-friendly workplaces now, hundreds of millions of workers bring their own devices into the workplace! While this influx has undoubtedly allows workers and businesses to get their jobs done quicker and more efficiently, it has also creates a new set of security concerns. In order to effectively manage numerous devices across a singular network, businesses need a mobile device management system in place.

Mobile device management solutions are important for any industry, perhaps none more so than the healthcare sector, where unsecured infrastructures can lead to serious consequences. According to the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), 70 per cent of clinicians use mobile devices to view patient information. But most healthcare professionals don’t have the time to pay attention to how their devices are being managed. This leaves sensitive information vulnerable to data breaches. While it might seem unlikely, these breaches can be more common than one might think. A three-year investigation in Pittsburgh revealed thousands of violations.

Fortunately, there are several mobile device management applications that help healthcare professionals protect their data. Here are four of the most common solutions and how they can help users:


Device security is the most basic building block for any good mobile management solution. Passcodes, encryptions, malware detectors, and other security measures will help keep mobile devices as uncompromisable as possible.


Mobile device management systems have tools for managers to collect, view, and analyze data and key performance indicators in real time. Quicker access to information makes identifying issues and finding effective solutions a much smoother process.

Loss Management

For healthcare professionals, choosing a mobile device management program that allows for remote capabilities is important because it gives users the ability to lock or erase certain data. This is very helpful in managing any devices that are lost or stolen.

Application Control

Mobile device management systems that allow for application control can compartmentalize devices so that information is not shareable across different applications.

Mobile device management solutions help keep your devices and information secure.  This is especially important for industries such as healthcare, where workers must collect and view sensitive data every day.

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