Mobile Device Management For Sensitive Information

Would mobile device management increase security for sensitive government information?

A Look At The Need For Better Security On Government-Issued Mobile Devices

With near-universal use of mobile devices in the government sector, there is a growing need for mobile device management to address privacy and security concerns.

According to a recent Canadian article from The Globe and Mail, sensitive government information is at risk because mobile security solutions are not being employed on thousands of government-issued mobile devices. This lack of security puts government information at risk of theft and loss if the devices are lost or stolen.

Although there are network security solutions in place for personal computers, the shift to mobility in the workplace has brought more challenges.  Mobile device management solutions are used to protect sensitive information by managing, securing, supporting, and tracking devices.

Mobile Device Management Typically Includes:

Clear Policy Enforcement

Clear and up-to-date government policies and best practices in regards to the use of mobile devices must be  available to government workers.  This will ensure that secure procedures are in use. A key safeguard in cybersecurity is, after all, an informed user base.

Mobile Security Management Solutions

Using diagnostic reports and real-time analytics, a mobile device management solution can keep network administrators informed of potential security threats. A centrally managed mobile network can benefit from this broad approach while providing enough flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.

Mobile Content Management

Content management includes securing sensitive information so that it is available within specified settings,  times or  geographic locations. For a lost or stolen cell phone, this sensitive information is inaccessible when security is in place.

Mobile Email Management

To ensure the security of email on government-issued mobile devices, mobile email management can provide specific security settings. These security settings can also filter emails so that only secure files are accessible within the government network.

Since mobile devices are the new means of communication in the workplace, up-to-date security measures must be in place to prevent sensitive information from loss or theft.  Mobile device management solutions are able to address the security needs of the current and growing use of mobile devices in the workplace, helping protect against the many risks they face.