Mobile Device Management for mPOS Systems

mobile device management

From Wireless Barcode Printers to Remote Wipes, Take Advantage of a Connected Mobile Strategy

When the Apple Store started using its own devices as an mPOS (mobile point-of-sale) solution, it was genius. Not only did they effectively promote their own devices, but they also equipped their staff with the power to deliver a more personal style of customer service. From anywhere in the store, an employee could answer questions, check inventory, order stock, ring an item through. They could also take payment and send an electronic receipt straight to the customer’s email inbox! While not the inventors of mPOS, they certainly created a perfect example of how to deploy it. Perhaps now your business is thinking of doing the same. In which case, a solid mobile device management strategy is more critical than ever.

The Need for Security

Consumer devices are known for convenience and comfort. However they are not equipped, out-of-the-box with enterprise-grade security. This can become an issue when handling transactions involving sensitive information, such as credit and debit card numbers and PINs. This is why it is absolutely essential to take additional security measures when implementing mPOS.

Passcode Protection

The default on an iOS device is a four-digit passcode; many Android users prefer to use a simple pattern. For a device carrying sensitive data, you’ll need more protection than that. Fortunately, both platforms offer you the ability to set more complex alphanumeric passcodes—seven digits or more are recommended.

Trusted Apps

You may be tempted to use an app from a third-party source, but make absolutely sure to test it for security purposes. If you prefer to get hands-on about both your security and your UI (user interface), there are mobile app developers you can work with who specialize in secure mobile device management solutions.

Advantages of Connectedness

A mobile device being used as an mPOS can do more than just perform transactions. With a networked system, you can see when new stock is needed and order it automatically, or in certain businesses, order special products. Do you have a wireless barcode printer? Receive notifications about price adjustments on your mobile device, and send the new information to your barcode printer, and pick up the new labels without waiting. The convenience options are endless.

The security advantages of connectedness are bigger than stock ordering or barcode printers, though. You can monitor where a device is at all times, for starters. If one is misplaced or stolen, you’ll be able to find it, lock it remotely, and even do a complete remote wipe—ensuring that any and all valuable information remains safe and uncompromised.

If you’re thinking about integrating mPOS solutions into your retail strategy, and you don’t already have a powerful mobile device management solution in place, then there’s no time like the present to make it happen—because you can’t put a price on the security of your customers’ private information.


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