Outsourcing Enterprise Mobility

The Best Enterprise Mobile Solutions Come from the Professionals

There is a definite appeal to managers of businesses to do as much in-house as possible. The DIY approach gives them the power to oversee as many aspects of their business operations as possible. It gives  them more control and reduces their reliance on others. It’s obvious why it’s an attractive option.  But when it comes to enterprise mobility, this is a job better left to the professionals. In the constantly-changing technology world, even an area as specific as mobile devices and effective enterprise mobile solutions will shift and evolve.  Keeping on top of it while running your business is biting off a lot of work in an area with little room for error. Here are four reasons to outsource your mobility management:


Any mobilized workforce opens you up to potential risks surrounding sensitive corporate information. This is amplified when dealing with a BYOD program. A professional who specializes in managed mobility services can help you to keep device security up-to-date against the latest threats. They can also easily set up a system for wiping devices remotely should they be lost or stolen.

Cross-Platform Support

Most people use one of three mobile operating systems: iOS, Android, and Windows. These have different features, different apps, and different security features. Trying to find an enterprise mobile solution that covers all three can be difficult or even impossible, depending on how you intend for the devices to be used. An enterprise mobility expert knows how to create a cross-platform solution that seamlessly connects people across different devices and operating systems. Here is an example of a cross-platform app developed for the retail/home delivery logistics industry:

Video: ShipTrack Logistics Platfrom

Strategic Service

In applications that require a specific device solution (RFID scanning in transport, for example), it can be disorienting to consider every option out there. Someone who knows their way through the world of enterprise mobility will know which devices offer which benefits. This takes  the headache out of deploying an application-specific device that does its job better than any other.


This comes down to the difference between hiring and training IT staff to manage your mobility services versus the cost of outsourcing. Outsourcing is considerably less than an annual salary. A good device management program also allows you to monitor the total cost of ownership of every device. Insights can be gained on how to reduce operating costs that might otherwise not be apparent.

If you want to improve your mobile strategy in a way that is secure, cost-effective, strategic, and that works on multiple devices, it’s time to outsource your enterprise mobility plan.

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