PiiComm Inc. Is Awarded Contract to Supply RFID Asset Management Solution for Federal Government

OTTAWA, CANADA–(Marketwire – March 29, 2012) – PiiComm Inc., a Wireless Systems Integrator and leader in RFID Asset Management and Field Workforce Mobility Systems PiiComm has been selected by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT) to provide a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Barcode Asset Tracking solution. The intent is to  track physical assets stored at locations in over 170 Missions worldwide.

PiiComm has introduced an easy and effective Advanced Information Data Capture (AIDC) solution. Staff at  DFAIT will carry the barcode and RFID device during his/her workday. The function focuses on adding, verifying and modifying the tracked data as appropriate. In addition it allows them to upload and download asset data to SAP via the SIGNET worldwide Corporate data network. The solution leverages RFID enabled handheld mobile computers from Zebra Technologies (formerly Motorola Solutions Inc). It also includes customized software developed by PiiComm which has been certified for use on the SIGNET network by DFAIT.

The Department’s intent is to track and account for all appropriate items (capital assets, attractive items) within the Corporate Finance and Material Management system. The barcode and RFID asset management solution will be standardized for all of DFAIT and will improve accuracy and visibility to those assets.

About DFAIT:

As the Federal Government department responsible for managing Canada’s diplomatic and consular relations and to encourage the country’s international trade, DFAIT has office and residential locations in hundreds of countries around the World. These Government properties each contain hundreds of Crown assets that must be tracked and accounted for on a regular basis and when staff rotations occur.

About PiiComm:

PiiComm specializes in Mobile Information Technology solutions that solve real business problems. The firm works with all levels of Government and Canada’s largest companies to achieve their business goals. This is accomplished by optimizing their processes and mobile workforces leveraging wireless technologies and applications. PiiComm partners with best in class hardware manufacturers, offers unique services, mobile application development and cellular expertise.  This has allowed the firm to become a dominant player in this rapidly evolving technology sector. PiiComm was recently recognized as one of Canada’s HOT 50 for top new growth companies for 2011 in PROFIT Magazine’s 12th Annual report.

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