Purolator Selects PiiComm For Mobile Technology Support Services

PiiComm Mobility Support Service Desk

Canada’s Largest Logistics Provider

Purolator is a leading integrated freight, package and logistics solutions provider. The firm has built one of Canada’s most extensive transportation and logistics networks and supporting infrastructure. The advantages of this size and scale benefits customers. As a result operates more facilities in more regional centers than any other freight and parcel solutions provider in Canada. Nationally, provincially and regionally, customers can count on best-in-class service and support from Purolator, wherever they are.

Canada’s Largest Mobile Technology Support Provider

A few years ago Purolator chose to outsource the support and management of it’s fleet of thousands of mobile devices to PiiComm.  PiiComm has been supporting mobile device fleets since 2007.  As a result, PiiComm’s portfolio of deployment and lifecycle management services, known as AIM, constantly evolve.  This includes customer visibility and reporting tools that provide valuable management data to customers.


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Staff members have the experience, knowledge and encouragement to develop one-on-one relationships with customers. Regular certification training keeps team members’ competency levels at the forefront at all times.  Custom-designed and off-the-shelf tools for accelerated deployments, information management, performance dashboards, etc. have evolved over ten+ years.  Additionally, processes also constantly improving as a result of performing many deployments and managing the health of tens of thousands of devices for workers from coast to coast to coast.

With a national footprint covering much of Canada, 41 staff at Purolator were responsible for the administration of mobile devices.

After eleven months with PiiComm we interviewed each administrator. This occurred over the phone and each person was asked a series of questions pertaining to their level of satisfaction with PiiComm’s performance.  The conversation was comprised of two parts.

User Survey

How Are We Doing?

The first focused on soliciting feedback on key service levels both before and after PiiComm’s engagement.  See the responses immediately below:


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Early in 2019, PiiComm’s expertise was once again called on by Purolator to help deploy, manage and support approximately 10,000 new mobile computer scanners manufactured by Zebra Technologies.  This project represents a major corporate initiative within Purolator and we are proud to have been chosen.

Rick Robillard, PiiComm’s CEO said, “It is truly an honor to continue to play an important role in ensuring mobile users at Purolator are as productive as possible.”


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