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Mobile Asset Tracking, Barcode Generators & Printers Make Your Business More Efficient

Imagine for a moment how businesses like retailers used to take stock before the barcode generator software and label printers. Imagine someone counting every single item, writing it down, and figuring out from there how many had been sold, how many would need to be restocked, and more.

Now, enter the barcode generator system, and inventory is counted as it arrives and then counted back out it’s sold. An occasional manual count, assisted with a barcode reader device, is still necessary for assuring an accurate inventory count. But even then, this technology makes keeping track of inventory that much easier.

Of course, the example above only deals with inventory in a single location. The  invention of the barcode made it possible to track your inventory across multiple locations? If so, how?

Before wireless telecommunications became the powerful and stable infrastructures that they are today, this would still have been difficult. But today, a barcode generator can make a label, and portable readers can transmit that data across every checkpoint necessary.

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Asset Tracking

At the heart of effective inventory tracking is enterprise asset management for mobile: the practice of developing devices and programs designed to mobilize a business without ever losing touch with the central location. Everything from the Smartphone app your Über driver uses to portable RFID readers and barcode generators are a part of how this works. At the heart of it all is a central network that keeps track of information updates that it receives from the field.

Now, when your inventory leaves the warehouse, every label is scanned. When deliveries occur  portable reader, transmits data back to the central network, updating the information in real time.

If stock needs to be labelled or relabeled in the field, a mobile barcode generator empowers your workforce to do this immediately. They don’t  have to drive all the way back to a facility to make this happen.

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Integrating such a system into your business strategy may seem like a hefty investment. But the benefits will cover the expense within a year of integration. By reducing downtime and making your workflow more efficient, you will save money when you use barcode generators/printers.  Don’t let your business continue to incur costs as a result of redundant inventory-tracking when it can streamline and cost much less.


Barcode Generator Is A Free Tool

The Barcode Generator is a free tool from PiiComm to create custom barcodes.

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