The Driving Force Behind Why Organizations Are Embracing an MDM Strategy

The Driving Force Behind Why

Organizations Are Embracing an MDM Strategy

Within the last ten years, the demand for mobile devices has skyrocketed. Today, over 31.3 million Canadians are avid smartphone users. It is estimated that by 2022 that number will rise to 32.3 million. As the internet world evolves, the impact it has on the lives of Canadians also becomes greater. With smart technology users are presented with endless possibilities transforming the way we work, shop, socialize, and essentially changing the way we live. 

Currently, around 40% of Canadians have an unlimited data plan for home internet usage, with seven out of ten internet users saying they would be more likely to pass on purchasing a home in an area if has low internet speeds. Smartphones have become so resourceful and powerful that they can get you through an entire workday. Because of this, employers are seeing the value of, and embracing the concept of “Bring Your Own Device” to the office workspace.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

BYOD for workplaces offers great benefits; employees are more productive and satisfied being able to use a product they are already comfortable with, and organizations are saving costs because they no longer need to provide and maintain expensive hardware. It is no surprise that this trend is popular among enterprises. Why carry two devices when you can have more flexibility with one? 

Though much of the trend is beneficial it does raise concerns for data protection. Having more online presence means you can inadvertently develop a hotspot for security breaches within an organization when not managed properly. This is why your company needs a trusted Mobility Device Management (MDM) solution. 

The Benefits of MDM

SOTI MobiControl is an Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) solution that enables companies to securely monitor and manage their mobile deployments with any device, any form factor, and any operating system. SOTI’s MDM solution allows businesses to control all aspects of their mobility ecosystem. Here are the top three reasons why your organization needs an MDM solution like SOTI MobiControl. 

1) Improved Productivity

SOTI MobiControl ensures your workers stay productive within the compliance regulations of your industry. It prevents workers on corporately owned devices from browsing during working hours or downloading unapproved apps that could unknowingly carry malicious malware. You can also set website limitations, so your employees do not use any unnecessary data. 

With SOTI XTreme and SOTI XTreme Hub apps, data is delivered 10x faster. No more waiting in line. SOTI XTreme delivers the apps once through SOTI XTreme Hub to each location and then deployed over in-house Wi-Fi to each device. No more clogging up limited bandwidth. 

2) Enhanced Security and Content Management

SOTI MobiControl provides you the tools and visibility that make managing content and apps simple. You can control all aspects of your business mobility with just one screen, making sure your employees get the apps they need quickly and securely. 

Real-time tracking on corporately owned devices allows you to create virtual fences to permit what a user can or cannot do based on the devices’ location. Within the perimeter a device would be able to access corporate data files as well as other mobile features. Outside the perimeter, MobiControl puts the device on lockdown. 

3) Remote Support

With SOTI MobiControl your IT department can remotely access corporate containers to diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve issues in minutes. Since the device stays with the end user there is far less downtime and device shipping costs are no longer a concern due to minimal back and forth with IT.

Customers trust PiiComm to deliver the world’s most trusted Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Management solution. Reach out to a PiiComm representative today so you can properly secure your mobile critical business data with SOTI MobiControl.