This is who we are

Our company was started ten years ago by a Bell Canada Sales engineer whom was responsible some of Bell’s largest customers –  indeed the largest mobility-centric customer Canada Post. In 2006 our founder had the entrepreneurial vision to see how his transaction for 15,000 mobile devices for the post office was a pre-cursor to the huge wave of mobility we see today.  So he did the classic thing most passionate visionaries do – he hired his brother-law, Rick Robillard and launched the business, literally from his basement.

The goal was to build a company focused on helping large organizations procure, deploy, support, manage and decommission mobile devices.

A casual coffee date with former customer Ron Pogson, Director IT  at Canpar Courier in early 2007 which concluded with an invitation to submit a proposal to help Ron manage 1600 Motorola handhelds, resulted in the newco’s first customer – ten years later we are honoured to continue to call Canpar a customer.

The firm quickly signed up with Motorola and re-connected with the founder’s former boss, Shawn Winter.  ‘Winter’ was Bell Canada’s go-to-market lead for wireless mobility and with their team that included our founder, built the business up to $30M in revenue before moving to Symbol Technologies/Motorola Solutions.  Not surprisingly their early adopters were some of Canada’s largest enterprises.  ‘Winter’ was instrumental in helping the newco in navigating Motorola’s dealership application process.

In 2008, the firm’s portfolio of mobility products and services was introduced to Canada’s largest courier firm, Purolator.  Now with 6000 of Purolator’s handheld computers under management

The group secured their first customer in 2007 after

, technical capability, post-install support, financial strength…