Unboxing the Honeywell CT30 XP

At first glance, the CT30 XP appears to be just an ordinary consumer device. While it may look like a regular mobile device, the similarities end there. The CT30 XP is built on Honeywell’s Mobility Edge™ platform, a feature rich and secured platform designed for business. This along with the latest internal component technologies makes this product perfect for front-line mobile workers. Honeywell also guarantees support for operating systems up to Android 13, and committed support for Android 14 and 15, subject to feasibility.

The CT30 XP combines the elegant design you expect from a high-end mobile phone with the added usability and durability you also expect from Honeywell. The slim and lightweight device fits effortlessly into your pocket making it easy for users in retail, healthcare, and delivery to use, hold and carry. The high-performance FlexRange™ scan engine allows you to capture multiple barcodes from a variety of distances; more than doubling the standard scan range all without compromising speed and size of the device. The CT30 XP can also withstand accidental drops from 1.2m to concrete and 500 tumbles at 0.5m.

When you include the CT30 XP as part of PiiComm’s Mobile Device Management service you truly have a winning combination. PiiComm is only one of two facilities in North America that is authorized to repair Honeywell devices. PiiComm is the perfect extension of your team to ensure the device fleet keeps working for you.