Want Mobile Content Management for your company? Read this first.

Mobile Content Management


Provide content that users will find useful on their mobile devices.

There have been many reports about how smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are changing the way workers access and use a company’s content. For companies, mobile devices have gone from high-priced novelty items to mainstream necessities. Nowadays we can put more information in our pockets than on computers that were built not that long ago.

Mobile Content Management – Defined

From an information management perspective this means that your business can communicate like never before. Assuming that you have all the proper compliance and security, mobile content management (MCM) will bring your business to a whole new level of performance.

When you step towards achieving a higher level of performance, remember the business methods that you want to improve are the same as always. You want to capture information, process and then use it.  Previously, this was accomplished on paper.  Although we’ve now migrated towards using smartphones and  tablets, the actual work does not change.  It’s important to not lose sight of what you actually want to accomplish when considering venturing into mobile content management.

Most executives will tell you they are upgrading their technology to save money, to reduce expenses and to essentially do more with less.  What usually happens is that organizations find more efficient ways of working and increased productivity and output are ultimately the real benefits to the company.   New technology, such as mobile content management means that more time is saved, the number of errors is reduced and a larger volume of clients is served.

Mobile Content Management – Goals 

The ultimate goal in mobile content management is for companies and its employees to work better, and to work better together.  Mobile technology is especially suited to make this happen because it compliments your workers and connects them together.

 What you can do with Mobile Content Management

  • Report on production or check inventory.
  • Leverage your tablet to make changes to construction plans and authorize changes immediately.
  • Use your mobile device to access your company’s workspace and collaborate with associates in other locations.
  • Employ GPS capabilities to reroute drivers to ensure smooth pickup and deliveries.
  • Use your smartphone camera to capture images of receipts and use the phone to submit for processing.

While these applications serve different business needs, they all have the same potential to speed up business development and reduce errors.

Companies typically go one of two ways when it comes to mobile content management.  They either slowly ease their way into a new mobile environment or they go all in.  Either way will work, just make sure to stay within your comfort level to ensure your company will be able to manage the changes.

Some Things To Keep In Mind

  • Be sure that you have the correct IT and content management infrastructures.
  • Take your corporate culture into consideration. Senior management may want to take this technology slow.
  • If you can, learn from the mistakes of other companies in your industry.
  • If it’s feasible, start with providing mobile content management to just a few departments.

By following these guidelines, you can decide how best to use mobile content management.  This will help to improve your organization’s workforce and business performance.