When Implementing a Mobile Device Strategy, Consider the TCO

Active Management of Mobile Devices Reduces Total Cost of Ownership

Workers in every industry, from healthcare to manufacturing, love mobile devices and the productivity and convenience that they bring to everyday tasks. The benefits of mobile including the ability to bring your work with you wherever you go  are indisputable. Most of us can agree that mobile devices are terrific business tools.

Management A Must

What many companies employing a mobile device strategy fail to realize is the fact that maintaining these mobile devices can be significantly more expensive than they initially anticipate. In fact, for many of these companies, one of the most appealing factors besides the superior user experience, is the low upfront acquisition cost.  But many fail to take into account the total cost of ownership (TCO) of these devices. As a result, they overlook the need for a support solution to complement their mobile device strategy.

This situation can be very closely compared to the purchase of a vehicle. When buying a new vehicle, you must always consider the TCO over the vehicle’s entire lifetime, including the cost of upgrades, repairs and insurance – not just the initial purchase price. The same can be said for the mobile devices being used each day by your employees in the field.

Total Cost of Ownership

When compared to equipment such as desktop computers, or other non-portable devices, mobile devices will almost certainly have a higher TCO. Due to their portability, they are at a higher risk of being dropped or damaged in the field. This result in a more frequent need for replacement, as well as frequent hardware failure. In fact, according to VDC Research, it is not uncommon for enterprises employing mobile to report failure rates in excess of 50%.

Due to the rapid pace of change and innovation in mobile device strategies, constant software and security updates are required. The more processing power, capabilities and accessories of a mobile device, the higher the operational and support costs will be. When you take into account the labor and employee time lost, each time a device needs attention, the TCO increases.

Remote Management is Key

So, what is your company to do? To ensure the maximum possible reduction in your total cost for mobile content management and device ownership, it is imperative that you put in place a more effective mobile support solution. The ability to manage your devices remotely at any time is crucial to reducing TCO. This will allow for the constant management of the health of your devices. This will in turn result in an increase in productivity and a reduction in labor time. You will have the ability to track all of your devices and ensure that they stay maintained. You devices will stay active, even when there is a need for installation of updates. As an added benefit you can automatically ensure a uniform mobile environment for all of your users.

Don’t let the maintenance and repair costs outweigh the numerous benefits of your mobile device strategy. Put a mobile support solution in place today!


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