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Specific industry applications of  barcodes and RFID systems

Barcode and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) systems are two of the most widely used systems in the world. We often think of barcodes in terms of their retail use. Other applications which actually extend to a variety of industries where barcode generators are essential. So who can benefit from the use of barcode and RFID systems? Let’s take a closer look.

Distribution and Warehouse Centres

Gone are the days of inventory inaccuracies and out-of-stock items! New, high-tech inventory tracking systems have more than revolutionized the warehouse and distribution industries. When the barcode was first implemented, it allowed workers to easily generate barcode tags, identify and input product information. However one problem still remained – manually scanning each code.

The solution? A portable RFID reader that can scan and track multiple radio tags at once, thereby greatly reducing the time spent unloading an inbound container. These systems can also be implemented for outbound products, so businesses can track their items until they’re in the hands of the final recipient.

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Health Care

There is no margin for error when it comes to your health. In this industry, real-time synchronization and accurate data input is critical. A Barcode-Generator and Scanner System allows health care staff to accurately label and identify important patient information. This also pertains to lab sample tracking, documentation, medication, bedside delivery, and more!


Both of these tracking systems have found several useful applications in the transportation industry. Trucking companies in particular saw a significant amount of time and monetary savings from introducing vehicle RFID tags. This are used to emit data quickly at weigh stations and fueling depots. Though only one US airport, McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, uses an RFID system to track luggage, it is used by many other airports across the world.

According to Samuel Ingalls, assistant dir. of aviation systems for McCarran, using RFID technology for luggage has given them a 99 to 99.5 per cent accuracy rate in comparison with the 92 to 93 per cent accuracy rate of an optical system.

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Reducing waste and controlling operations are integral aspects of efficient manufacturing. Using a barcode generator system allows manufacturers to track and manage materials and finished goods as well as improve production performance and time. Although upgrading the tech side of this process can seem expensive, most companies see an ROI within as little as a year or two.

Using barcode and RFID technology also helps manufacturers improve demand forecasting, which subsequently results in less inventory, better order ratings and shorter cash-to-cash cycle times in comparison with companies who don’t utilize barcode generator or RFID systems.

While the retail businesses may have familiarized the world with the barcode and RFID systems, there’s no question their applications go far beyond any singular industry.

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