No time for downtime.

Whether your mobile device fleet is essential for patient care, keeping the lights on in our homes or delivering key goods across the country, PiiComm understands the critical nature keeping operations online.

For almost two decades, PiiComm has worked side-by-side with organizations across a wide spectrum of industries, including transportation and logistics, front- and back-of-store retail, healthcare, government and manufacturing. With our end-to-end managed mobility services, we can help you optimize, streamline and maintain reliable communications for your teams.

Transportation & Logistics

From scheduling and dispatch to cross-docking and load management, PiiComm-powered mobility solutions plug-in to every step of your transportation process, right down to proof of delivery.

  • Schedule with precision using real-time insights on optimal routes and timing for load/unload/crossdock.
  • Reduce your labor, carrying and inventory costs with PiiComm-powered RFID.
  • Monitor and track accurately with electronic signatures capture and integrated barcode data.
  • Give customers the choice of digital or printed receipts and invoices at destination.
  • Rely on expert support with in-house and in-country support technicians at the ready.
  • And much more!

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Tackle the challenges and opportunities of the evolving retail omnichannel with confidence. Partner with PiiComm and create an outstanding shopping experience that transforms customers to loyal fans.

  • Meet customer demands and lower warehouse costs with real-time inventory management.
  • Provide world-class service from anywhere in the store by equipping your team with ready access to everything they need, including check-out capabilities.
  • Drive add-on sales with instance access to in-store promotions, complementary items and production location.
  • Give customers the convenience of self-service kiosks for price-checking, gift registries, ship-to-home options and loyalty point queries.
  • With a monthly flat fee per device, provide your operations team with cost consistency for the life of your mobile device life.
  • And much more!

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Designed specifically to meet the needs of healthcare administrators, physicians, nurses and patients, PiiComm mobile device solutions deliver secure access to point-of-care data throughout your facility.

  • Dramatically increase data accuracy with barcode systems that shrink error rates and remove the burden of manual data input.
  • Increase speed at point-of-care with real-time, secure access to patient history and medical databases.
  • Accurately keep stock of medical supplies and equipment with barcode scanning and RFID, while reducing paper waste and human error.
  • Count on expert mobile device support with in-house and in-country technicians at the ready.
  • Control costs through lease or buy programs that provide a monthly flat fee per device.
  • And much more!

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Government & Public Safety

From law enforcement and social work to safety inspections and municipal utilities, PiiComm managed mobility services help realize untapped efficiencies in the services you provide to the public.

  • Reduce administrative burden and data loss by empowering on-site data entry for case files.
  • Lower response time for in-field workers with real-time insights into traffic congestion and weather.
  • Cut costs by remotely monitoring utility meters, accurately tracking your assets and reducing the risk of theft.
  • Boost worker productivity and cut out paperwork with mobile-powered ticketing and traffic management.
  • Enjoy peace of mind with comprehensive mobile device management support from expert technicians.
  • And much more!

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With industrial-tested solutions to improve productivity, automate data collection, minimize downtime and quickly realize ROI on mission-critical technology, PiiComm is a manufacturing partner of choice.

  • Solve problems quickly and manage incidents with confidence using real-time communications across multiple facilities.
  • Keep your inventory lean and your cost outlay low with accurate inventory tracking and updates.
  • Maintain your competitive edge with intelligent labor management throughout the entire manufacturing process.
  • Future-proof your mission-critical technology with mobile device solutions built to scale.
  • Capitalize on cost savings and streamline infrastructure by combining wireless data and voice on a single network.
  • And much more!

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For when there's no time for downtime, there's PiiComm.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, Managed Mobility Services can implement predictive maintenance strategies by monitoring device health, tracking performance metrics, and identifying potential issues before they result in downtime, enabling proactive maintenance actions.

Managed Mobility Services enable efficient incident response through remote device management, troubleshooting tools, and rapid replacement services, minimizing the time taken to resolve device-related issues and reducing downtime.

Yes, Managed Mobility Services can implement backup and disaster recovery solutions to ensure data continuity, device configuration restoration, and minimal downtime in case of system failures, natural disasters, or cyber incidents.

Managed Mobility Services can implement redundancy options such as dual-SIM devices, failover connectivity solutions, and redundant network configurations to ensure continuous communication and reduce downtime risks.

Managed Mobility Services enable remote diagnostics, allowing support teams to identify device issues, troubleshoot problems, and provide timely resolutions without the need for physical device handling, reducing downtime caused by device failures.