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Managed mobility
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PiiComm is a trusted solutions provider to a number of government departments and public sector organizations. We also serve privately owned organizations that provide public safety services. We are proud to have been able to empower these organizations with mobile device solutions that allow for confident decisions and enhanced communications, including:

  • Real-time case file updates: With PiiComm mobile solutions, workers can securely enter case-related data while on-site, saving time and increasing accuracy.
  • Pinpointed vehicle tracking and routing: Solutions that integrate GPS, voice and data allow workers to respond in optimum time with automatic re-routing to avoid traffic congestion and bad weather.
  • Reduce costs: Innovate inventory and asset management tasks with barcode and RFID-integrated support, ensuring the right people in the right vehicles with the right assets at all times.
  • Front-of-the-line support: Our in-house, in-country customer support desk offers comprehensive coverage and support for all your mobile devices, including direct-line care from the manufacturer.

You’re in great company.

Innovative and efficient public services.

Partner with PiiComm and we can develop end-to-end mobile solutions that deliver efficiencies to the public service.

  • E-citation
  • RFID implementation
  • ID verification for check points
  • Age verification
  • Case data entry
  • Evidence tracking

Managed mobility services. It’s all we do.

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Frequently asked questions

Managed Mobility Services offer several benefits, including improved situational awareness, streamlined communication and collaboration among agencies, enhanced emergency response capabilities, secure mobile data access, and compliance with government regulations.

Managed Mobility Services implement robust security measures, such as encrypted communications, secure network connections, multi-factor authentication, and remote data wiping, to protect sensitive information and ensure compliance with government security standards.

Yes, Managed Mobility Services can integrate with existing Government and Public Safety systems, such as computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems, geographic information systems (GIS), and incident management systems, ensuring seamless data sharing and interoperability.

Managed Mobility Services provide secure communication platforms, including push-to-talk (PTT) applications, messaging systems, and collaboration tools, facilitating real-time communication and information sharing among agencies, personnel, and field units.

When selecting a Managed Mobility Services provider for the Government and Public Safety sector, consider their experience working with government and public safety agencies, knowledge of sector-specific challenges, security measures implemented, range of services offered, scalability, customer support, and client references from within the sector.