Mobile App Services Can Help Your Business and Not Just the Sales Department

Apps Are Delivering Productivity Improvements For Multiple Departments

According to an Ipsos Reid study, 39% of Canadians who purchased a product online did so with a smartphone or a tablet device.  It turns out those who work in the marketing and technology fields have kept a close eye on the data relating to mobile app usage.

Interestingly enough, sales employees are not the only segment of the workforce interested in how mobile apps can enhance their business’ sales and operational capacities. Indeed, a growing number of human resources, procurement, or training managers are noticing an increase in custom developed mobile app services designed to streamline and increase departmental productivity.

Access Data Remotely

How can mobile apps assist your workforce’s productivity and efficiency? One of its key advantages is the possibility of easily accessing your data remotely. This is to not only manage your business intelligence data but also manage your customers and employees.

For example, an HR manager working remotely can consult leave requests on her tablet or smartphone while waiting for a flight. Afterwards, her employees can get immediate update notifications on the status of their requests.

This, in turn, eliminates the unnecessary interruptions, emails, and phone calls regarding the stage of the decision process.  Of course, procurement managers and business owners have also profited from the implementation of mobile apps in their workplace. Additional data means a reduction in costs and service delivery focused on increased customer satisfaction.

Use Dependable Partners

While introducing a mobile app solution within your business will initially garner a positive response, things can turn negative.  This is especially true if the  app is not easy to use or doesn’t actually fix a bad system. This is the best reason to seek out the most dependable mobile app companies who can provide you.  Review  case-studies and testimonials of the work they have produced for business or organization of all sizes and industry.

The most reputable mobile app companies work with you and your employees to deploy mobile apps that support your company’s security practices and budget. If you are interested in introducing a mobile app in your workflow you can begin by implementing a relatively small app first.  With initial success achieved, then have a favorable business case to build a larger mobile app platform for your business.