3 Easy Enterprise Mobile Solutions

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From Enterprise Asset Management to Hardware Acquisitions, It’s Easier than Ever to Start

If yours is a forward-thinking business, then therefore chances are you will want to find a way to make mobility work for you. Every year, enterprise mobile solutions help countless businesses to become more efficient, more connected, and more engaged.  This applies to  both  employees and clientele. From streamlining logistics and delivery to making enterprise asset management a breeze, the opportuntities are unlimited. But how exactly do start? This is the conundrum that many businesses with no prior experience in mobility face. Fortunately, there are many opportunities for businesses of all sizes to start on the road towards mobility—here are a few:

Consider HaaS

If youhave an interest  in setting up enterprise mobile solutions entirely from scratch, you have your work cut out for you. There will be hardware and devices to acquire, infrastructure to set up, training to perform, and more between where you are now, and where you want to be. This can quickly become a headache—unless you look into Hardware as a Service, or HaaS. HaaS consolidates your entire hardware and IT strategy under a single umbrella.  Instead of dealing through multiple vendors, you deal with a single service provider. This vendor will source hardware, set it up with a cloud-based infrastructure , and provide the necessary applications and training to deploy it. Pricing is for usage or monthly subscription.

Take Advantage of the Cloud

We mentioned the cloud a moment ago—the cloud is a model of digitizing infrastructure as an alternative to traditional models. Traditionally, you would have to purchase and set up your own servers and other equipment.  In addition you have to maintain it, and replace it as it becomes obsolete. With the cloud, these physical components are taken out of the equation, and you have to pay for what you use. For example, a cloud-based enterprise asset management database will require a physical location to be stored. It must  also be accessible, receive updates and monitored remotely from any device that has authorization.

Use the Resources Available to You

A BYOD-based strategy isn’t perfect for every business in the long term—but it’s a good place to start. Chances are, nearly all of your workforce already owns a powerful smartphone. All that is required is to draft a policy that emphasizes the importance of  security practices. This approves specific apps from trusted sources. With these  you can easily form the basis for a fledgling enterprise mobile strategy.  After which you can continue to build on as you advance and your business grows.

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