The Added Benefits of What RFID Companies Can Do for You

RFID Solution Providers Can Deliver A Wide Range Of New Capabilities

The letters stand for  Radio Frequency Identification and this technology facilitates the transfer of information wirelessly.  RFID companies can help your business in numerous ways to develop customized RFID Solutions hardware and software packages that are right for your business.

For example, in the manufacturing industry there are masses of moving parts and components. These components must be assembled, constructed and shipped off quickly, in order to get the best return on investment.  During each phase of the manufacturing process, all components must be counted several times and often this work is done manually.

Amazing Technology

This is where RFID companies can help by providing businesses with RFID tags and RFID readers.  RFID technology is fantastic in that it can count products in seconds. Furthermore, the readers are not required to be in the line of sight. What’s also great about this technology is that products are simultaneously scanned. The technology that RFID companies provide will allow your business to reduce its costs by eliminating the necessity to count everything manually, and the work will get done quickly and accurately!

Parts and components are generally shipped to warehouses, where they are stored until they are distributed to their final destination. Shipping large quantities of merchandise on pallets, and then keeping track of these shipments can be quite challenging and time consuming.  RFID companies can help with the flow of shipments by providing these RFID readers, which can be installed at the entry of each warehouse.

Real-Time Visibility

When shipments with products containing RFID tags arrive, this technology will facilitate the transmission of information to a central computer. In doing so, it will allow for the automated tracking of all shipments coming in and going out, products will be quickly located, it will offer real time visibility, and it will significantly reduce the chances of lost merchandise. This technology will allow a business to strategically and carefully plan the location of its parts and components.

RFID Reader - Alien ALR-9650-WR1

The Alien ALR-9650-WR1 is a simple low profile RFID Reader solution from PiiComm.


RFID-Reader - Alien ALH-900x (ALH-9001-EMA)

The Alien ALH-900x is a high-tech portable RFID Reader from by PiiComm.


RFID companies can also assist with the product distribution process by improving efficiency and expediting the speed of delivery.  When a tagged shipment of products arrives, it will be read by the RFID readers. Once read the information on the tags will be registered. This information can be analyzed and decisions can be made on the best storage location for a particular component.  Later, when the parts are required they will be easily pinpointed and delivered to where they are needed most.

There are many ways that RFID companies can help improve your business. With the application of this technology, the sky is the limit!




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