Mobility Services and Mobile Device Management Solutions: Back to Basics

mobility services

Mobile Device Management Is Only A Small Part of Managed Mobility Services

Today’s kids know tablets and smartphones like they started using them in the womb. For this generation, having these devices is just part of life, like death and taxes. It’s easy to forget that not everyone grew up in this on-the-go connected world. In fact, most of the people that currently make up the workforce did not. It’s easy to assume that terms like mobility services and mobile device management solutions are now common knowledge.   You’d be surprised at how many don’t really know much about it. So, let’s go back to basics for a moment and learn what these terms actually mean.


Mobile devices are technologies like smartphones, tablets, laptops and other electronic devices that are portable. Mobility Services are services provided by specialized experts to help businesses use these devices in the workplace and maximize their impact on day-to-day operations.

Examples of Mobility Services include:

  • helping businesses define their needs and identify the best technologies available to meet those needs
  • working with businesses to design software customized for their products and services
  • collaborating with businesses to develop deployment plans that include relevant processes
  • training to ensure a smooth integration of mobile technologies into the employees’ toolkit

These services also include on-going client support, including dealing with technical issues or providing user assistance.

Mobile Device Management

As for Mobile Device Management Solutions, they are basically another example of Mobility Services whereby experts help businesses develop and implement strategies and tools (customized programs, software, applications, etc.) for managing the use of mobile devices like smartphones, tablets and laptops in the workplace.

Mobile Device Management Solutions include those that address how best to deploy the devices to employees and provide training on how to use them to;

  • guarantee security concerns are receiving a solution
  • monitor and track the devices and ensure they are in use appropriately
  • integrate these devices with other technologies used within the business
  • ensure there is process integration with other relevant business processes

Whether you were born with a mobile device in your hands or use one for work,  you hopefully now have a better sense of the meaning of the terms Mobile Services and Mobile Device Management Solutions. Mobile technologies are becoming a fixture in today’s workplace so it’s important to have a basic understanding of what services are available to businesses who want to fully embrace this trend and reap the benefits.