The Barcode Printer: Essential to Drop Shipping

How a Barcode Generator Keeps Drop Shipments Secure and Profitable

Modern-day logistics solutions revolve around streamlining processes, creating opportunities to improve efficiency, and finding the perfect solution to every roadblock. It is only in a climate of enterprise mobility-driven logistics solutions that something like drop shipping could have sprung forth. As a business model, it allows retailers to ship products directly from the manufacturer to the consumer. This allows for retailers to become free from the restrictions of storage space or having to wait until an item is restocked.  It offers smaller businesses the opportunity to gain a competitive edge through the internet. So how does the barcode printer — an older technology—come into play in this futuristic approach to retail?

If It Ain’t Broke…

Barcodes may not be the latest trend in information technology solutions, but they still remain one of the biggest today. This is because they are still one of the most cost-efficient and reliable ways to encode information. They are still in wide use in inventory, shipping, manufacturing, and more. So it’s no wonder that from the manufacturer’s warehouse to the customer’s front door, barcode generators play an important role in the drop shipping process.

Warehouse Management

Every warehouse takes advantage of either barcode or RFID technology—and many use both for different applications. When an order is placed through a drop ship vendor, all the items in it have to be located within the warehouse.  They  will likely have a warehouse management software solution which uses a barcode generator to create tracking information for inventory. BY scanning each item in and out, inventory can be quickly located and prepared for shipment.

Many manufacturers who participate in drop shipping will also use a barcode printer for labels made to the specifications of the participating retailer. When used in conjunction with package-tracking software, this shipping label can be used by both the retailer and the customer.  This allows them to follow the progress of the package as it heads from the warehouse to a postal sorting facility and finally delivery. This label will be scanned at every checkpoint along the way, and the information on its location and condition will be automatically uploaded.

The importance of this cannot be understated.  The manufacturer may have been the one shipping out the item, but as far as customers are concerned, it is the retailer who is responsible. This is true especially if anything goes wrong. By using their own barcode generator to issue custom shipping labels, the retailer takes control of the shipment. They can ensure its security at every step of the way and creating visibility and accountability with their customer. It is also true that in any enterprise mobility solution, the use of barcodes reduces the margin of error. This means fewer failed deliveries, and more satisfied customers, all thanks to a barcode printer.

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