BYOD and Mobile Apps

How Mobile App Development is Improving the BYOD Movement

These days, companies find themselves searching for technological solutions to overcome a growing number of challenges.  Increasing employee efficiency is no exception. The BYOD (bring your own device) movement is an innovative strategy that many businesses are adopting. These days, our personal devices have become inseparable from our lives and our work. Business owners are looking for a way to incorporate that into employees’ performance.  So, the  BYOD movement sounds like a perfect fit – right?

Not exactly. Although it brought numerous solutions, BYOD has also raised numerous concerns and issues in its own right.  Chief concerns  include questions about performance consistency and security.

Additionally, by allowing employees to bring in their own device for work, employers are also having to deal with inconsistency across numerous applications and operating systems.  Each device is able to get the work done, but not necessarily in the same way. This can cause headaches when approaching performance standards.

That’s where mobile app development comes in.

App developers can solve all these issues by creating a unique mobile app, compatible across all devices, that keeps all work secure in one location and format. This way, gauging each employee’s performance is simplified. All communications and final products can have a universal standard, no matter what type of device it is..

Not all issues with the BYOD movement are in the workplace. Many employers are wary about letting personal devices in, fearing it’ll result in leaks of sensitive work information. Security is a huge concern, since it doesn’t seem sensible to allow sensitive information to leave the office openly and unmonitored.

Once again, mobile app development provides the solution. Through an app, security measures  can apply to protect any sensitive information, no matter where the device is. This way, if any non-employee gets hold of the device, they cannot view any work-related documents or communications without the right username and password.

Allowing workers to use their own personal device is a great strategy for any company, but is not without challenges. Implementing a mobile app with proper mobile application management alongside a BYOD program can help a business achieve a consistent level of efficiency. Best of all, you can eliminate worries over security breaches, or inconsistent product and/or employee performance.