Why Companies Should Invest in Mobile Software Development

Enterprise Applications Can Deliver Powerful Advantages

In today’s fast pace world mobile devices have become part of our daily lives. In fact, people have become so attached that majority of smartphone owners won’t leave their homes without their device and 66% use their device to access the Internet at least once a day, according to Google.  These statistics only scratch the surface when you consider the reasons why companies should invest in mobile software development.

Here are a few other reasons to consider:

Customer Service Experience

Whether they browse on a desktop or on a mobile device, users expect to receive a seamless digital experience.  Research has shown that 61% of users will leave non-mobile friendly websites. This can be detrimental to a business as it means that it will lose potential clients to its competitors that offer a superior mobile browsing experience.  Mobile software development can ensure a much simpler and more efficient browsing experience, as it allows a user to navigate a site for products and services on a mobile device, without headaches.

Increase Revenues

If your business currently sells products online, then you need mobile software development. Why? The mobile commerce industry is growing at a rate of 30% annually, according to Comscore.  It has been stated by Business Insider that consumers will spend $65 billion via mobile shopping by 2015.  In fact, most users will use their smartphones for price comparison between competitors before making a purchase, and 70 % of those searches will result in a lead within an hour, compared to a month when considering desktop searches.

Brand Awareness

Mobile software development is a great way to promote your company brand as mobile applications are digitally stylish. Your app can show your company logo, culture and personal branding style and even videos. Since many users spend a lot of time watching videos on their mobile phones and share with friends via social media, this would definitely open doors. Basically, it’s free publicity.

Customer Engagement

Smartphones all have location settings, which makes it easy for companies to determine the geographic area of their clientele. This feature provides businesses the opportunity to engage with their clients in real time, by location and furthermore, it allows them to retrieve profile information.  With the data gathered a business can then direct its products and services specifically to its target audience. Thanks to social media, mobile software development allows a company to engage its consumers by asking them to share the mobile app in exchange for a special promotion, coupon or a discount.  This is a great strategy to leverage a sales opportunity as many mobile shoppers are looking for the latest deal or a way to save money.  One out of five consumers now get coupons from mobile applications, which is much more convenient than conventional paper coupons.