Control And Adaptability With Mobile Application Management (MAM)

Mobile application management offers greater control to IT departments over data and security.

How Mobile Application Management Provides Greater Control Over Digital Security And Data

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs are becoming increasingly popular in many business and organizations. Staff tends to be more productive on personal devices that they’re familiar with, improving overall business performance as a result. However, if this trend is not managed properly it could pose a risk to the organization’s digital security and data. Effective Mobile Application Management (MAM) is key, providing the organization’s IT department with granular control and support. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features and benefits:


The IT department enjoys 100% control without the need to interfere with staff’s personal devices. Data can be removed from a Mobile Application Management-controlled app without accessing employees’ personal information.

Custom App Store

Let staff choose from a list of pre-approved apps, available in your organization’s custom application store. IT administrators are able to assign relevant apps to specific user groups, depending on employees’ seniority, department or other deciding factors.


Another benefit of Mobile Application Management is that it enables constant monitoring of the security settings and usage of any given business application, revealing if staff deleted a required app or if updates are pending.

Lifecycle Management

MAM can track features and usage as well as changes to applications through their entire lifecycle, from   the initial planning stage, the implementation phase, and eventually decommission. Application Lifecycle Management enables IT administrators to test the app’s usefulness and performance. Based on those findings, decisions are made whether to keep or retire the application.

Track App Licenses

MAM guarantees compliance by tracking and maintaining app licenses amongst all staff. Additionally, this allows IT to recover licenses of people that have left the organization. A Mobile Application Management admin console allows IT administrators to push notifications and updates to all managed apps.

Mobile Application Management is a clear win-win for businesses. BYOD trends will only grow in popularity over the coming years. MAM enables IT departments to remain in control without the need to interfere with staff’s personal devices. Don’t risk compromising your organization’s digital data. Contact your enterprise mobility solutions expert today to learn more.