Did you know that we develop mobile applications?

Over the past 15 years, PiiComm has developed many mobile applications for its enterprise customers.

We relish the opportunity to demonstrate technological expertise, creativity and client-focus during each engagement. If your organization would like to take advantage of enterprise mobile apps to take better care of your customers and staff, PiiComm has everything you need to help make sure you take advantage of mobility.

Customer service is in our DNA and we appreciate the critical nature of clearly understanding client requirements. Our Enterprise Mobile Apps team has, over the course of many projects, leveraged standardized methodologies and tools, often within an AGILE framework to deliver applications that solve real business problems.

Enterprise Mobile Application Development and Support

Case Study of a Mobile Application: Bike Assist by CAA

Bike Assist, developed by PiiComm, is a mobile application designed to facilitate CAA’s new services offering targeted specifically at cyclists. The dual nature of the system’s design offers differentiated value for CAA members versus the public.

Public Features:

  • One-touch map-view access to begin a new ride
  • View and share current and past routes with friends
  • Access video/image repair tutorials for common bicycle issues
  • Send an emergency message to any contact if you fail to “check-in” at the end of your ride

Member-exclusive Features:

  • Browse and navigate popular and scenic cycling routes
  • View your cycling history and enjoy detailed ride/fitness statistics
  • Add cycling friends and exchange routes, or keep track of their location in map-view
  • One-touch access to roadside assistance from CAA Bike Assist

Use Case: Purolator ARC Flow Manager

Business Problem:

Accelerate work flow for odd-sized items that cannot be processed using standard practices.


ARC Flow Manager is a PiiComm-developed mobile app that allows Purolator employees to quickly and easily process odd-sized shipments.

Formerly, an item such as a bicycle would incur increased time and effort in order for volumetric, weight, shape, etc., to be measured manually.

ARC Flow Manager reduces processing time by several orders of magnitude and improves accuracy. It has also positively impacted users whom now enjoy a more simplified workflow.

Use Case: AIM – Asset Intelligence Manager

Business Problem:

Give customer real time insight to their company’ assets from one central location.


In operation since 2007, AIM was developed as PiiComm’s central data repository.

The AIM application currently tracks tens of thousands of assets for customers across the country, and allows businesses to gain a true picture of how their business is managing their assets.

AIM app is a flexible and scalable solution allowing it to be implemented in a variety of situations.

AIM provides a complete software solution, with a customer-facing web portal that provides information such as; number of devices in for repair, where devices are, as well as what maintenance has occurred since deployment to list but a few features.


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