Effective Enterprise Asset Management: Mobile Solutions for Fleet Management

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Know Where and What Your Fleet Is Doing With Enterprise Mobility

When your fleet is on the road, you don’t want to be left in the dark about progress, vehicle needs, and security of assets. Enterprise Mobility and Enterprise asset management solutions help keep you connected and informed, even when your fleet is not physically present. Here’s how enterprise mobility can boost efficiency, visibility, and save you money with detailed data about vehicle use and needs.

Keep Your Fleet Connected

With enterprise mobility, you have complete control over your fleet anywhere, anytime. Update drivers on optimal routes and scheduling with up-to-the-minute information based on weather or traffic conditions. Set priorities for direct, effective delivery of shipments. You will be in contact with your drivers to best direct them for delivery needs.

Stay Informed with Live Updates

Enterprise mobility solutions provide you with accurate, live updates that help you pinpoint exactly what your fleet needs. No need to wait to find out about issues or concerns after the fact; with live updates, the power to respond to and maintain vehicle and shipment needs is placed directly in your hands, in a centralized way.

Visibility Anytime

GPS tracking allows you to see exactly where your fleet is at all times. Visibility helps you reduce labor by providing you with accurate, detailed data that keeps you informed.

Track Details About Individual Vehicle Use

The most effective detail that comes from enterprise asset management solutions is the data that mobility provides. Reduce fuel costs with detailed data about fuel usage including unauthorized vehicle use, speeding, and even unnecessary idling. Know exactly when each vehicle in your fleet requires repair and general maintenance. Make sure to schedule maintenance in order to reduce the risk of mechanical damage or failure. Also track activity that may contribute to carbon emissions, which will help you to understand and reduce the environmental impact of your fleet.

Successful Delivery

Monitor electronic signatures as well as incorporate barcode technology to track your shipment from dispatch to destination. Know exactly where your shipment is and when it reaches its destination so you are able to know how long it took to get there. Tracking individual shipments lets you know how long pallets stay in one place so you can find solutions to idle shipping time. Your clients will love the efficiency that comes from mobility enterprise solutions. Also incorporate mobile printing for the option of an up-to-date, on site invoice that is accurate.

Keep control of your fleet and their needs while they are on the road. Enterprise asset management solutions will allow you to deliver efficient service to your clients. As for enterprise mobility, it can provide next level data and service that will save you money and retain clients.