Environment-Proof Enterprise Mobility

Protect your Mobile Application Management Strategy from Harmful Environmental Factors

Enterprise mobility is about empowering people across multiple verticals to mobilize their workforce efficiently using modern amenities and mobile application management. Of course, changing the way business is done presents new challenges that need to be conquered with new solutions. There are a number of environmental factors that can impact or even hinder the usability of mobile devices.  Issues such as…

Solar Glare

One of the most common complaints is that it can become difficult to read the display in bright, sunny conditions. Even standing in the shade, it can still be difficult on a particularly bright and clear day. There are two ways to help this problem: one is purchasing a glare resistant screen cover.  The other is adjusting brightness and contrast settings on the device itself. Doing both is more effective than either on its own.

Beating the Winter Cold

Cold temperatures can cause battery drainage, device malfunction, and can make components—including the screen—brittle and likely to break. Don’t leave your device unattended in the cold for extended periods of time.  Also reduce how often you take it out as much as is reasonable for your enterprise mobility needs. If possible, store it in an internal pocket, close to your natural body heat.

Because most touch screens are capacitive (i.e. work by detecting disturbances in an electromagnetic field) and most gloves are insulators (do not conduct electricity), be sure to equip your workforce with special gloves with conductive fingertips for the cold winter months.

Rainy Days

Even the best mobile application strategy doesn’t change the fact that water and moisture can damage electronics—but waterproofed devices will help prevent this. Of course, nothing is truly, 100% waterproof, but certain devices—especially rugged models—will more than stand up to anything your employees are likely to throw at them. Just don’t let them jump into the pool with their handhelds!

Bad Vibrations

One of the most dangerous and overlooked environments for any mobile device in the field is a company vehicle, especially a large truck or courier van, where it will be subjected to all kinds of shocks and vibrations. From idling engines to poorly maintained roads, these vibrations can severely damage consumer devices. This is another reason why rugged devices are often better for an enterprise mobility strategy—most are tested to military levels in terms of resistance to environmental factors, drops, and more. If your workforce is typically in conditions too rough for consumer devices, then equip them with the tough stuff. After all, what’s the point of mobile application management if the devices being managed have broken down?

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