Five Key Advantages of A Delivery Tracking Platform

Worry-free, Cost-effective Delivery Tracking

Warehouses and manufacturers today have to stay on the cutting edge of technology; there’s really no other alternative. Mobile solutions can help the enterprise access real-time data streams,  24/7.  They also deliver the  freedom to communicate across various warehouses, states and countries. Mobile technologies also have the ability to enable tracking and tracing of all inventory. From production to the end user experience—increasing customer satisfaction and helping companies meet their financial goals.

PiiComm-powered mobility solutions offer advantages across every step of your company’s transportation process, allowing you to always have the answers you need at your fingertips.

5 PiiComm Mobile Solution Benefits:

Unsurpassed Support

As a Premier Solution Partner, you’ll have access to comprehensive support on all of your PiiComm-powered devices. We give you access to direct-line care from the manufacturer, as well as access to our Mobile Service Desk. This portion of our business allows you to take the frustration out of managing your devices—no matter how many you own.

Detailed Delivery Success

our Mobility Solutions integrate barcode data and capture signatures electronically to easily track pallets and individual items, from dispatch to destination. This process include major point of interest, including departure/arrival times and information about the duration of stops in between.

Mobile Printing = Convenience

Your clients have the chance to have their delivery receipts and on-site invoices printed at destination, via your PiiComm-powered mobility solutions.

Ensured Accuracy and Visibility

Increase the accuracy and visibility of asset management and locate your fleet in real-time via email, voice and GPS applications. PiiComm-powered RFID offers the added advantage of helping you reduce labor, inventory and carrying costs. This is accomplished by managing all of the data that you need—available when and where you need it.

Total Management—Origin to Destination

Determine optimal routes with real-time scheduling and dispatch based on current conditions, and revise and assign schedules for load changing. Our solutions also give you the opportunity to identify precise contents of a shipment and bypass yard congestion by setting unloading and loading priorities.

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Example Of A Delivery Services App

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