How to Choose a Barcode Generator for Your Business

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The quality of your barcode matters! Find out why.

What are you looking for in a barcode label? Affordability is one thing, but do not overlook its quality! Barcodes travel a long way and have to withstand extreme weather conditions. What would happen if your label peeled off easily or was unreadable with age? A quality barcode is crucial for the success of your business. Choose your barcode generator wisely, and consider the following when researching your barcode needs:

Ink Types

Imagine barcodes fading in just a matter of days on products that are  outdoors. Avoid this by choosing ultra-violet inks as they are light-resistant. Lower quality inks are only suitable for indoor usage.


The choice of adhesive highly depends on the individual circumstances. Again, ask yourself: are the products  indoors or  outdoors? Are barcodes peeled off after purchase or is there a requirement that labels stick even under rough usage conditions? Some adhesives increase in strength over time.


The barcode generator created your label, now add a protective layer by coating it. Top coats are laminated clear plastic and differ in thickness and strength. Clever design guarantees that they aren’t negatively affecting the barcode’s ability to be scanned.

Face Stock

Options are plentiful, including synthetic film, foil, magnets, polyester, paper and metal. The material you choose to print your barcode on is an important decision. Ensure to factor in things like your products’ lifespan, shipping journey, handling, etc.


Consider a barcode generator that allows you to include your logo. There is no easier way to emphasize your branding than to decorate each and every product of yours with it. QR codes can also be an addition to labels. Linking to a unique web page, these little images are quite common now. They can be a great source for product details, branding or client engagement.


Take the scanner technology into consideration. While laser scanners operate smoothly with highly reflective labels consequently,  image scanners have difficulty with glossy labels due to the glare.

Depending on your industry, you may want  a barcode generator that offers additional features such as tamper indication or holograms for extra security. Be sure to evaluate those carefully as costs would go up.

Remember—barcode labels are not just stickers! Poor quality barcodes could result in inventory loss and a lot of unnecessary stress.  In conclusion, do your homework when researching a barcode generator so that  you fully understand the circumstances under which your labels will perform.


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