Mobile Device Management and Barcodes in the Warehouse

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How Smart Mobile Management and Barcode Generators Work Together to Deliver Performance

As companies branch out worldwide, the need for quick and accurate inventory management grows with them. Two essential tools in today’s fast-paced world to assist with that growth are mobile device management and a barcode generator. Mobile device management, simply put, is a company’s ability to centrally manage, support, secure, and track employee/corporate-liable devices. This is regardless of the device type, location, or mobile platform. A barcode generator is exactly what its name implies, a machine that generates barcodes to create tracking information for inventory. These two technologies work side-by-side and empower your work force to become the efficient and customer-friendly face you’d like. Here are some ways they can do so:

Power through Software

Through mobile device management, companies can place secure software onto their employees’ phones while not encroaching on their privacy, thereby saving the need to buy every employee the right smartphone to power the software in the first place. This technology essentially empowers employers to reap the benefits typically reserved for corporate-owned-and-issued devices—particularly security features.  At the same time while allowing employees to use the device they are most comfortable with.

Inventory Management

Using a barcode generator, you can quickly generate individual barcodes to expedite tracking for inventory management. Because these items can then be scanned at every processing point, the inventory is quickly located and ready for shipment in record times.


Using the right mobile software to track inventory can make the process of inventory tracking and management that much easier. Imagine a workplace where you can instantly send data from your in-house software to your employees personal phones.  They in turn use that data to maximize efficiency when managing and tracking inventory through the barcodes issued by your barcode generator. Mobile device management and barcode systems may seem like an odd pairing at first glance but are really quite essential to any warehouse or shipping facility.

Mobile device management is the answer to enforcing corporate policies while supporting diverse user requirements in the workplace. It is a difficult balancing act, but this technology is well up to the task. While barcode generators have been around for much longer, their usefulness in the workplace has only grown. Invest in mobile device management to get all of your employees on the same page, at a fraction of the price and at no cost to productivity (and likely even a boost).

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