Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Your Business

Apps for mobile device management

Keep Your Business Secure And Productive At All Times

Since mobile devices have become the leading tools for business communications and data sharing, device management is necessary for running a business smoothly while maintaining optimum data security. Mobile device management software enables businesses to secure all mobile devices while also managing them with an easy and efficient program. Whether your business supplies the devices, or you allow employees to bring their own, mobile device management is an essential and modern system for running a successful business.

Here’s a list of the reasons why you should consider mobile device management for your business’s mobile needs:


Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs are becoming more popular in the workforce. Employees are productive both in and out of the office because they use their own devices for business. Since they have their devices with them at all times, they are more inclined to pay attention to work-related tasks on their phones, even if they aren’t at work. Employers are also saving money because they no longer have to provide expensive devices to staff. However, BYOD programs are only successful when effective mobile device management is in use.

2. Device Enrollment

Mobile device management software allows businesses to efficiently enroll a large number of devices with an automated program, saving time and money. All new employees and devices are enrolled via an easy self-registration system within the software. Most mobile device management software supports all popular operating systems—Android, iOS, Windows 8 and 10.

3. Mobile Workplace

With an effective mobile device management system in place, you and your employees can work anytime and anywhere. A user-friendly and secure mobile system increases productivity while ensuring policies and best practice are still being enforced.

4. Security

When sensitive business data is accessible with mobile devices, security measures must be applied to the mobile system—especially since there’s always a risk of losing a mobile device. Mobile device management allows businesses to secure their data with the following tools:

  • Registering devices to lock with a PIN
  • Locating lost devices
  • Remote locking of lost devices
  • Remote wiping of business data on lost devices
  • Geofencing to alert and take security action if devices cross specified geographic boundaries
  • Secure file sharing

Being able to locate, lock, and wipe a lost device is useful for both the owner of the device and the business. Remote wiping will only remove specified information, such as sensitive documents, configuration settings, and WiFi passwords. The mobile device will return to the settings it had prior to enrollment with the mobile device management software, so the device owners will not lose any personal information.

These security features allow businesses to run smoothly and safely from any location. Consider mobile device management for a secure, efficient, and modern business solution.