Retail, mPOS, and Mobile Device Management

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Mobile Sales Terminals, Barcode Printers, and a New Approach to Customer Service

There is an old saying that goes, “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’. Well, we respectfully disagree—innovation means constantly improving even the best systems. Take retail, for example. It seemed like a fairly perfect system to begin with. Customers paid you, and you gave them various goods and services. But as time wore on, enterprising minds saw opportunities to improve this model through mobile device management, bringing the mPOS—or mobile Point-of-Sale—into the mix. This allows retailers to mobilize their sales associates.  This adds a whole new dimension of customer service and interaction to their businesses.  Here are some of the benefits that mPOS technologies can offer:

Greater Efficiency

Have you ever gone shopping, and could not find the exact product that you wanted on the shelves? So you found a sales associate, and asked them if they had stock, only to be left in the aisle while they investigate. But when the sales associate is armed with an mPOS system, they can look up the product immediately.  They can advise you on stock, suggest comparable products, or even place an order for more and send it right to your front door.

A Personalized Touch

Through this specialized type of mobile device management, associates are able to get out onto the sales floor to interact directly with customers. In fact, some businesses have done away with the traditional sales counter all together! Staff can also immediately access detailed product information—particularly useful in technology stores.  They can recommend add-ons and up-sells right from the sales floor. They can also scan items and take payment right there, creating a truly mobile sales team.

Increased Versatility

Imagine being able to instantly shift staff to where they are most needed. From mitigating lengthy line-ups in for  returns after the holidays to smoothly managing a popular sale or event, a mobilized staff has the power to get more done with less hassle. Even inventory can be smoothly managed, with a Wi-Fi-capable barcode printer to instantly create new SKU labels, particularly for sale prices. And if your retail business also provides home delivery, that barcode printer can be used to create a shipping label so that the delivery team can use an mPOS terminal on the fly to ensure that delivery is successfully completed.

From mPOS devices and peripherals to barcode printers, the possibilities for mobile device management in retail are amazing.  This means  genuine benefits both for your business and for your customers.

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