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Every day, your team is dealing with an information flow. Customer or competitor data, product and service prices, inventory management and invoices; running a business of any type means that information is coming at you from every angle, every minute, every day. Unfortunately, most business processes have more steps than the Peace Tower and are anything but streamlined! RFID technology is an automated data collection and processing system that can create a simpler process model that positively impacts your business and the customer experience by leaps and bounds. The ordering and invoicing process is a perfect example of this and we’ll use the office supplies industry to demonstrate how.

Scanning, shipping, and invoicing done quicker and with more accuracy

The customer’s job is simple: pick a product, any product, purchase it and move on with the day. That being said, the supplier’s end of the deal is quite different. That is to: find the correct merchandise, adjust the inventory account, process the order, and mail an accurate invoice. This entire process involves numerous steps and players, not only to fill the order but to ensure that all of the numbers balance. With the use of barcode labels, every item is in real-time a link to a central inventory that links to shipping and billing.

Once barcode labels are scanned, and the order completed, an invoice is created. This can be sent via mail or via email. Gone are the days when you prep an order  on Tuesday, and send the invoice to Accounting the following week.

Inventory management; say goodbye to manual Excel spreadsheets and the daunting “Inventory Friday’’

Inventory management operations, including receiving, storage, picking and shipping are subject to a transformation by implementing an RFID system. The use of barcode labels allows each item to have a unique serial number. This is track-able  and manage-able through the supply chain. Not only will this give you a real-time inventory count, but it will also help profitability by allowing you to manage your inventory properly. This way, stock shortages and issues, which can lead to lost sales can be a thing of the past. The right RFID system can limit losses and ensure that your inventory management is easy as pie.

There are many available RFID reader systems out there. and you’ll see that finding the right one could be the key to streamlining your business processes and ensuring even greater success. And someday, you just might be able to kick paper to the curb permanently!

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