Silos or Islands?

How Enterprise Mobile Apps Benefit Companies

If you‘ve ever taken a project management course, chances are that you’ve learned the concept of working in “silos”. Even if you’ve never studied business, just a few months working in a corporate environment should be enough to realize the importance of internal company communications.  They are what make great organizations retain their staff and keep their customers happier for longer periods of time.

Breaking Down Silos

Perhaps you work in a corporate environment where employees work in silos. This is where various departments communicate infrequently and rarely know what others in the company are doing. In these environments there’s usually a breakdown in communication. This causes inefficiencies, lack of buy-in from other divisions and ultimately, lost opportunities.

In organizations where employee communication is regular and staff are aware of new business developments, data flows effortlessly between departments. This is because bridges have been “built” and are regularly “crossed” by all staff. In this type of office setting employees share data, files, and processes and work flow is effectual.

As the upward trend shows, if your company is considering implementing enterprise mobile apps as part of your business strategy, then it’s certain that you’ll experience demonstrated improvements in internal communication between employees and across teams.

Consider BYOD

For example, if one section of a company is struggling to cope with high volume of emails, then mobile apps would be a solution to explore. It could simplify the process of managing customer relations or getting approval to advance a specific project.  It can be that easy! As reducing expenses is an objective for most businesses, then the popular BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement should be considered.

However, one question project managers are often faced with when they are beginning to research the benefits of introducing enterprise mobile apps as part of their workflow is:  “How can mobile apps improve work efficiency in my company, and how easy will mobile apps integrate into my existing work flow?”

Luckily, reputable companies that focus specifically on introducing and expanding this technology in a variety of industries such as healthcare, shipping, and manufacturing, to name a few, have years of success and expertise to draw upon when dealing with the integration of mobile app solutions in companies. It’s recommended to reach out to a mobile application company such as PiiComm. Get ready to transform the way you do business.  There’s no need to spend a fortune converting silos into islands! If you see bridges in your business’ future, you can start building them today!