SOTI XTreme Technology, Not Your Typical MDM Solution

Learn How You Can Accelerate Your

Business-Critical Mobility Strategy

Do you find yourself needing to transfer large amounts of data, content, and applications to mobile devices across your organization? Do you need to synchronize files or perform updates within several locations such as remote warehousing and distribution centers with limited bandwidth available?  Are you needing these transfers done in minutes or hours, not days? Then you need SOTI XTreme Technology!


SOTI XTreme, is a new advanced technology feature that is built into SOTI MobiControl, an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that secures and manages your devices and endpoints. With SOTI XTreme technology, you are expediting the transfer of data and applications to remote mobile devices at ultra-fast speeds. In the past this would take days, but now it will only take minutes or hours.  

SOTI Xtreme helps you accelerate your business 10x or more!


Imagine having 5 warehousing locations where 100 mobile devices are being used in each warehouse. Now imagine every mobile device having to have 5 critical application updates. This means 2,500 applications need to be individually updated through an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) distribution solution. If you have slow internet speeds and restricted bandwidth, you are looking at hours if not days until completion. With SOTI XTreme Technology you will see sophisticated compression and network optimization. Meaning, rather than distributing 5 applications-100 times-in 1 warehouse, SOTI XTreme communicates directly with SOTI MobiControl and instructs each mobile device to receive data and application transfers from the SOTI XTreme Hub. Each application update is delivered only once into each warehouse. From there, the updates can be distributed internally.

SOTI Xtreme Technology is the next generation solution for enabling rapid mobile workers who need business-critical data applications, and tools in a safe, quick fashion. Work with your PiiComm and SOTI team today to find out how you can enable a SOTI Xtreme solution.