Take it to The Cloud


Organizations must strike the perfect balance between functionality and security. Unlike endpoints & computers that historically sat comfortably being organization’s firewalls on closely monitored networks, mobile devices may never even connect to company-owned networks.

Cloud first initiatives in both the private sector and public sector have pushed IT departments to step outside of their usual comfort zone. This means organizations may never see communication that start on mobile endpoints and terminate on SaaS or similar software offerings.


This allows smaller organizations to take advantage of products that would have been cost-prohibitive to implement. It also helps large organizations make use of new technology without having to rely on saturated teams of internal technical resources. But these benefits come at risk of allowing multiple external companies to interact with devices containing sensitive intellectual property or personal information.

An Enterprise Mobility Management platform like SOTI MobiControl helps organizations benefit from the latest technologies while minimizing potential drawback with the following features:

  1. WiFi, Cellular and Bluetooth configurations and policies
  2. Kiosk mode and containerization
  3. Remote control & logging
  4. Security patch management
  5. Application and OS updates
  6. Management of Lost or Stolen devices
  7. Security Certificate Management
  8. GPS / Geofencing

MobiControl’s OS agnostic approach also means your organizations have an easier time implementing and managing a mixed or hybrid fleet. Meaning your workforce can benefit from the appropriate mobile solution (hardware, accessories & hardware) without compromise. Some tasks are better performed by rugged barcode scanning mobile computers while other tasks may be better suited to consumer-grade smartphones.

If you are ready to learn more about the benefits of using a platform like SOTI MobiControl, we can arrange a product demonstration for you and your team. PiiComm even offers a fully managed SOTI MobiControl solution that can facilitate the following:

  • Managed large-scale mobile deployment (software + physical)
  • EMM Security Best Practices & Configuration
  • Management of profiles and packages
  • Management of user groups and roles
  • Ongoing management and reporting of enrolled mobile devices
  • Additional “A-La-Carte” services available to help better manage your EMM

As a trusted SOTI MSP, PiiComm’s experts have developed the processes and policies that can help organizations such as yours easily manage your dedicated SOTI Cloud environment and take full advantage of SOTI MobiControl.