Is asset management a challenge? Perhaps RFID can help.

RFID Automates Data Entry and Tracking

Companies in a variety of industries rely on critical assets to drive their business. Although industries vary, the need for effective asset management is universal. Any item that is a part of the work process but does not leave as part of a finished product is a candidate for intelligent asset management with Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID). RFID can help enterprise companies automatically track and secure critical assets.

This real-time technology takes asset management to the next level, providing unprecedented visibility, accuracy and security. With RFID, companies can automatically keep track of key assets as they move in and out of an area such as; a stock room, airport hangar, data center, enterprise workplace or transport terminal.

Asset Management Benefits

Diverse companies have deployed implementations of RFID applications for asset management with tremendous success. Regardless of what type of asset you use in your business, RFID can automate and error-proof this critical business process, delivering a wealth of benefits to the enterprise.

Increased productivity

Employees spend less time tracking down missing or misplaced equipment

Improved asset maintenance

Assured adherence to critical and routine maintenance procedures such as calibration

Improved efficiency

Secure, around-the-clock access to stock rooms for improved efficiency — without human intervention

Increased utilization

Improvements in asset visibility and utilization reduce the need to purchase or lease spare parts and equipment

Reduced capital and operational costs

The reduction in the loss of assets reduces the need to purchase and manage additional assets

IT Asset Management Benefits

Increased IT asset process automation and utilization

With RFID, IT assets are identified, located, and tracked automatically, reducing the Total Cost of Ownership and extending asset lifetimes

Improved service levels

Efficient replacement, swap and maintenance of IT Assets increase operational uptime

Increased Security

Increased accountability of media and data tape tracking safeguards sensitive data, and ensures backup and redundancy

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