Unboxing the Datalogic Memor 20

The Memor 20 was introduced by Datalogic in April 2020 as the big brother to a well-known rugged Android unit known as the Memor 10. The Memor 20 is designed with barcode scanning in mind for Retail, Healthcare, Transportation and Logistics, and Manufacturing operations. The Memor 20 has combined the top features of a smartphone with the resilience and functionality you would expect out of enterprise-level device.

Datalogic made an industry first by providing the Memor 20 with fast 15-watt wireless charging. Because of this unique design offering, it eliminated battery contacts for charging the device. Damage and dirt build-up on these charging pins are a frequent point of failure for many PDAs. Along with Datalogic’s knowledge of their customers, the Memor 20 was designed to withstand the MIL-STD-810G specifications for toughness and durability. This means the Memor 20 can handle everyday use with drops from 1.2m / 4ft (as well as hundreds of tumble hits). Datalogic also offer and additional rubber protective boot that will extend increase the drop specification to 1.8m/6ft and the tumbles to 1000 hits.

With the Memor 20 being ideal for healthcare environments, the device is also available with chemical-resistant plastics that can withstand frequent cleaning with strong disinfecting wipes such as those that contain isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, or bleach. The healthcare version of the Memor 20 features a white exterior housing with all of the same great features as the standard device.

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