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Courier Companies Capitalize On RFID and Wireless Point of Sale Hardware

Say that you run a business, such as a courier service. If you’re reading this blog then there’s a good chance that that’s exactly what you do. You must ensure that parcels, once they arrive at their destination, make their way to the recipients quickly and efficiently. Your employee arrives at the recipient’s the front door and for this particular parcel, there’s a cash on delivery fee. A problem arises when the recipient doesn’t have any cash on-hand. So what does your courier do?

Formerly,  the only options were to take a check or write down a recipient’s credit card information. And while these options still exist, they can take time. Checks can take up to a week to  process (and there’s always the possibility that they’ll bounce) and charging a credit card can also be time consuming. However, advances in POS hardware mean that now you can quickly and efficiently take payment in any form. Debit and credit payments can now be processed instantly with these portable and wireless devices. With an integrated RFID system, your business can keep track of delivered parcels and collected payments.

ShipTrack, A PiiComm-developed Logistics Platform

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Courier services aren’t the only companies that can take advantage of wireless POS hardware. In fact, it’s already commonly in use by food delivery services and taxi companies to take debit and credit payments on the go. If you run a pizzeria that delivers and you aren’t equipping your drivers with wireless debit and credit machines, you may begin losing business to other restaurants that offer customers the convenience of being able to pay with their preferred method – especially in our increasingly cash-free society.

And for courier services, no wireless POS hardware set-up is as capable without an RFID system. An RFID system is the quickest and most efficient way that a business can track the progress of a parcel, from the time it leaves the processing facility to the moment it lands in its recipient’s hands. By being able to instantly read and transmit information from any RFID tag, the time normally spent filing  information about parcel delivery statuses can be spent in providing outstanding customer service.

Is a portable point-of-sale system your only option for collecting payments on the go? Certainly not. But with powerful wireless POS hardware, it’s the best and most efficient way to take payments. Don’t keep chasing down banks to process checks and credit card digits.  Start  taking advantage of this growing enterprise mobile solution now and see the benefits immediately.