Welcome to the Mobile Content Management Age

Mobile Content Management

Mobile is The New Office

As she is waiting to board her plane at an airport, a company CFO glances at her smartphone and notices two new requests for her approval. She consults her departments’ shared calendar, reviews a few documents, and then confidently grants her approval. She is on-the-go and has all the tools she needs at her fingertips to improve not only her own productivity, but the productivity of her employees as well.

On a busy sidewalk in Nairobi,  where many citizens have neither a savings nor a checking account, a bank employee has left his office. He is seen approaching and chatting with commuters. He tells them about the benefits of having an interest-yielding savings account. Then right on the spot he signs-up new customers using his tablet.

Indeed, Manged Mobility Services are possibly one of the most talked-about business innovations in recent years. Since 2014 this technology is now global, local, and here to stay.

Regardless of when and no matter where: simply put, the mobile content management era has begun.

Business Data Integration

Mobile content management solutions are designed to provide secure and efficient interaction channels between employees, businesses and consumers. It centers on the integration of mobile devices and real-time business data. This is crucial for businesses or government departments to simply run better and faster.

Most industries such as health-services, manufacturing and retail are rapidly moving towards integrating mobile devices as part of their business operations. They will most often seek to partner with a firm that specializes in mobility management. This is to leverage the investments they have already made in their existing IT infrastructure or specialized software, such as accounting or HR systems.

Mobility Specialists

Firms specializing in mobility integration are also keenly aware that businesses most often seek mobile solutions tailored to their current business challenges. Generic solutions-in-a-box are not even under consideration.

The most reputable Managed Mobility Services business are seasoned in the art and science of counseling and listening.  In addition taking the initiative to help businesses understand their mobile content management solutions is crucial. Businesses offering these services guide these companies so they can implement their mobile content management solutions knowing their partner understands both the mission of the business and its respective public sector department.

Curious about how mobility can change the way you do business? Most businesses are! There is a lot more to say on the topic of mobile integration — and a lot more to do! Stay tuned!