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Zebra Technologies Productivity Tools For Mobile Device Lifecycle Management

Since 2007 managers of fleets of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and mobile computers have relied on Zebra Technologies and PiiComm to provision and support best-in-class mobile ecosystems.  Organizations are outsourcing, not only the deployments of their mobile fleets, but increasingly, technology evaluations, applications as well as ongoing remote support and lifecycle management.  Here are six examples of why managed mobility outsourcing is experiencing such growth.

1. Zebra Technologies Mobility DNA

Zebra Technologies has made significant, industry-leading developments, in developing and providing tools to future-proof customers’ technology investments.  Zebra’s Mobility DNA clearly illustrates how their products, built around the Android operating system, deliver increased flexibility, productivity while simplifying change management.  Organizations that do not have the time nor inclination to manage fleets of mobile devices can benefit even further from PiiComm’s portfolio of Managed Mobility Services.  Zebra’s Mobility DNA tools coupled with PiiComm’s ‘in-the-field’ expertise deploying, managing and supporting users of mobile devices allow for even faster, more responsive engagements.

2. Increased Mobile Worker Productivity

Cloud-based applications and management tools, deliver better economies to leverage software cost per seat licensing while reducing/eliminating capital and operating costs of in-house servers.  Instant file-sharing tools enable global collaboration at less cost and employees are able to work anywhere, anytime. PiiComm’s repair management and spares management services ensure that employees have access to fully-configured and tested devices when they need them.

3. Cost Savings

Managed Mobility Services deliver not only specialized expertise but economies of scale throughout the whole lifecycle of mobile devices.  By enabling increased teleworking, businesses save $11,000 per employee per year. (US Census)  Other proven cost reductions occur in the areas of:

4. Best Practices

As subject-matter experts MMS providers offer trained, experienced resources, proven processes and monitoring tools to minimize costs and maximize customers’ ROI by:

5. Ongoing Dedicated Support

Highly trained staff can quickly troubleshoot and resolve technology/network issues with no finger-pointing.  By working closely and having extensive relationships with manufacturer’s such as Zebra Technologies, escalations are prioritized, highly skilled resources are available to resolve customer problems and potential supply chain issues pro-actively managed.  Each customer is managed by a technical operations team lead to ensure their needs are being met and issues resolved asap. In addition, each customer is pro-actively informed of new technology developments and industry opportunities by an Account Manager who oversees overall customer satisfaction.

6.  Decommissioning Services

Managed Mobility Services providers deliver services that accommodate each stage of the device lifecycle including those required at end-of-life.  These can include:

Customers whose businesses depend on the performance of their Zebra Technologies’ fleets of mobile devices have repeatedly attested to the value of working with a Managed Mobility Services provider.  Here’s what a group of forty mobile device administrators had to say when asked to compare their experience before and after outsourcing mobile device management.

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