Lifecycle management

Service with a smile: Still meaningful in an online world?

27 July 2023

By Natasha Tyner-Lewis In a world of e-commerce, chatbots, automation, and multi-tasking, does the expression “Service with a Smile” still mean anything? I believe the answer is ‘Yes’. As someone with close to 20 years in customer-facing roles, you might think I’m biased (and I am). However, I can see the quantifiable impact it makes […]

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Overview of our Enterprise Mobile Asset Management Services

15 December 2021

Enterprise Asset Management Solutions from PiiComm provide organizations responsible for maintaining, tracking, operating, and inspecting enterprise assets. We will help your business reduce downtime and enhance your visibility. PiiComm Enterprise Asset Management will work with you, your carriers, various devices and IT infrastructures to ensure your operations run smoothly, cost-effectively and your mobile users are productive […]

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Managed mobility services as a force-multiplier.

7 October 2014

Outsourcing Managed Mobility Services More and more organizations are planning to partner with managed mobility services providers to help them realize their enterprise mobility deployments. To grow and stay ahead of the competition, businesses rely on technology.  Since 2008 I.T. budgets and staffing have not kept pace. PiiComm helps customers to leverage managed mobility services by partnering with […]

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