Why Your Business Needs Mobile Device Management Solutions

mobile device management solutions

From Asset and Expense Tracking to Mobile Software Development, the Benefits are Indispensable

For better or worse, the rise of smartphones, tablets, and portable digital devices has taken the way that we do business and flipped it on its head. Most of this is actually a good thing: office workers can access their e-mail and work from anywhere; shippers and couriers can file status and inventory reports from the road; managers can keep abreast of everything that happens in the field. This increases productivity by lessening the need to do these things the old-fashioned way. Save time accomplish more. But without effective mobile device management solutions, it can also get pretty complicated.

Manage Company Assets

If your business is using company devices, like rugged mobile computers and smartphones, then you need to keep track of the status of your mobile assets. With mobile software development, you can make every device you own field-ready with productivity apps relevant to your field. But making sure they’re field-ready isn’t always enough. Mobile device management solutions allow you to keep track of other things, such as expenses. If the device is a company one, data usage is paid for out of the budget.  A good management strategy will allow you to monitor that usage and make sure its work-related usage. You can also ensure that every device in the field is secure.  This is especially valuable for handling sensitive corporate information.

With a central device management service, you are empowered to make sure that every mobile asset is used to the best of its ability to streamline your operations.

Support BYOD

Alternatively, many office workers adhere to the BYOD—or Bring Your Own Device—approach. This has its own benefits and complications: on the plus side, employees are liable and responsible for their own devices. They may also be more efficient working on a device that they are more familiar with. However, these devices run the gamut from Blackberries to iPhones to Android devices and more. Without a good mobile device management solution, you run the risk of inconsistent security on employee devices. A well-rounded management service, on the other hand, will specialize in cross-platform mobile software development. This means that when you partner with an enterprise mobility specialist for your device management, you can ensure that whatever phone or carrier your employees use, they are all equally secure.  They will have access to the same productivity apps that help them go above and beyond with their work, even on the go.

Regardless of whether you use corporate devices or BYOD, a strong mobile device management solution can help you make sure that your workforce gets the most out of their devices.

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